Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health

Understanding mental health is more than looking at mental illness and how to treat it. Good mental health is necessary for everyone who wants to lead healthy lives. This section will look at different ways of finding the correct “balance” in our lives between how we feel and how we act towards ourselves and others.

Some of the topics will include:

  • Boosting your brain power
  • Power of positive thinking
  • When to seek help
  • Finding a good therapist
  • New treatments for mental illness
  • How to improve your mood
  • Outsmarting stress

Generally a person with balance is satisfied and happy with how these areas are performing in their lives. When we have good mental health, we’re in a place of peace and balance. We have found a life that fits our needs for social connections with others.

Hopefully you already have a “balance” to your life. For those people, this section will be interesting reading. For others, it may be finding a new direction to go on.

While this section will not answer all of your questions or replace a therapist, it’s a great place to learn something new.

NYS OMH Children's Plan
Social and emotional development and learning, strengthening family engagement and support, the right service, the right time, the right amount!, integrated and effective services: One family-One plan, adequate, well trained and culturally competent workforce.

Diagnosis & Treatment
Mental health is an essential component of the overall health and well being of everyone, particularly children and adolescents. Essentially, it affects how we think, feel, and act.

Evidence Based Treatment
Kids Oneida’s is dedicated to increasing the utilization of more Evidence Based Treatments (EBTs). EBTs help establish which mental health practices provide the best help for persons with severe mental illness and help them attain better outcomes in terms of symptoms, functional status, and quality of life.

Did You Know?
There are any number of ways to increase the power of your brain. Many of these include everything from exercises that can heighten your awareness to diet changes that will increase memory and attentiveness.