Provider Network

The Provider Network is an integral part of Kids Oneida and the Wraparound process.  Kids Oneida contracts with private/individual providers as well as area not-for-profit agencies to provide the necessary services to our families.  This relationship with our providers is one of the aspects that makes Kids Oneida so unique as well as effective. 

Services for a family are determined as part of the case opening by the family and the Kids Oneida Family Service Coordinator (FSC).  Once the FSC has developed a treatment plan with the family identifying the necessary supports and services, calls are made to the provider network to find the appropriate individuals and/or agencies to provide the services to the child and family.   

Kids Oneida’s providers are a very important part of a family’s treatment team not only because of the support and services they provide, but because the team often relies on them to be liaisons between the family/team and the community and schools.

The provider network is made up of agencies and individuals who have experience and an educational background working with severely emotionally disturbed (SED) children. Some community agencies that we contract with provide mental health services for at risk children and have the appropriate licensing to do so.    There are currently approximately 50 contracts for services with Kids Oneida, constituting at times well over 150 contracted workers.

The Provider Network Coordinator oversees the network, ensuring that all contracted providers have the appropriate clearances, trainings, education and experience to provide the best level of care and service to our families.  Constant efforts are made to seek out individuals and agencies that can provide the most effective and creative services to our families. 

Kids Oneida prides itself on a very capable, knowledgeable, and reliable Provider Network that puts for maximum efforts to provide individualized, flexible and creative services to our children and families to best meet their needs.  Through the Wraparound model, Kids Oneida offers a unique program in its ability to deliver services when and where they can have the most positive impact on the family. Providers can be creative in developing and implementing plans which would not be possible in a more traditional setting.  Because of this, our provider network has been a valuable asset in the growth and acceptance of Kids Oneida in the community. 

One of the most important aspects of working with a network of providers is maintaining the team concept wherein each individual does his/her part in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the child.

Each provider whether they are independent or work for an agency is held accountable through a series of quality assurance measures and direct oversight by the Service Coordinator.

The Provider Network is an integral part of the Wraparound process and has been a valuable asset in the growth and acceptance of Kids Oneida in the community and as Kids Oneida continues to expand, the Provider Network will be challenged to  meet the needs of our families and to  improve  the quality of services.