Service Provisions for Individualized Needs (SPIN)

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Service Provision for Individual Needs (SPIN) is a fee for service program where services are utilized on an individual basis to work with children and families on specific needs in the home, school, and in the community. SPIN allows for the provision of specialized services allowing the referring payer (i.e., school districts, Tier I, Department of Social Services), to provide various treatment options, which in turn results in a more measurable and positive outcome.

SPIN is a program within Kids Oneida, Inc. and maintains the agencies Confidentiality Policy and HIPPA compliance expectations.

Kids Oneida provides the following SPIN services:

  • Outpatient assessments and evaluation services
  • Individual, family, and special therapies
  • Respite services
  • Behavior management
  • Crisis assistance
  • Parent aide
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring and group recreation
  • Rise and shine services
  • Supportive work environments
  • Translation/interpreting services