Each year, up to 20% of school-age youth in our country experience a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder yet only half of these youth with a diagnosable mental disorder receive treatment. By bringing Kids Oneida’s youth-centered services to schools, we are helping to ensure that our students have access to needed support. Having social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health services in schools is proven to reduce discipline referrals, improve attendance and academic achievement, and produce cost-savings for schools and other child-serving systems.

Services Offered

Service Coordinators In Schools: To connect youth to services and ensure they have access to needed support during the school day, Kids Oneida co-locates our coordinators within schools. These staff support students and staff in developing solutions to meet the social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of students.

Intensive Case Management: Wraparound care coordination that provides comprehensive services to high-needs students and their families at school, home, and in the community is available through our organization.

Individualized Supportive Services: Schools and districts can select tailored services for individual students and families from any of the 50 plus wraparound services offered by Kids Oneida on an as needed, fee-for-service basis.

Well-Managed Schools: As a nationally-certified training center for Boys Town’s Well-Managed School model, Kids Oneida is offering intensive, evidence-based trainings to school administrators, staff, and faculty on how to support students with behavioral and emotional challenges.

How to Get Involved

For Counties, Districts, and Schools

Kids Oneida is working closely with Madison-Oneida BOCES, Otsego County BOCES, Oneonta School District, Rome City School District, and Poland Central School District. Support for our school-based services is currently provided by schools and districts, the New York State Balancing Incentives Program and from County Departments of Social Services. If your school, district, or county is interested in strengthening school-based support for students facing social, emotional, behavioral, or mental challenges, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

For Service Providers

Kids Oneida recognizes the power of the Community School Model and is committed to helping schools create networks of support for their students from a variety of service providers.

If you are a community-based organization providing services in schools already, or if you are interested in expanding into schools, please contact us to discuss how we can coordinate our support.

For Families, Parents, and Children

If your child or family is in need of school-based social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health services, please contact us to discuss the support we currently have available and how we can best ensure the wellbeing of your child and family.

Results & Impact

As an agency committed to providing wraparound community-based services to youth and families, schools have always been a key partner of Kids Oneida’s. We take a research-informed approach to our school-based services and are closely tracking the successes of the students we work with and their schools. We know that similar initiatives in other states have resulted in up to 40% reductions in disruptive behavioral incidents (Missouri, Caring Communities) and an increase in service consistency with 96% of students following through with school-based mental health services after initial referral compared to only 13% with community-based mental health referrals (Catron, Harris, & Weiss, 1998).

Locations & Contact

Kids Oneida’s school-based services are co-located at our partner schools and are coordinated from our central office. To find out more about our school-based services, please contact our Executive Director, Steve Bulger.

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Steven J. Bulger, Executive Director