Regular Intensive KO/ ACT

Kids Oneida is a KO/ACT Waiver Demonstration Project and Oneida County Department of Social Services (OCDSS) Prevention Program based on a Wraparound Program design.  It is the mission of Kids Oneida to keep families together.  Kids Oneida provides a treatment plan that is flexible and designed to assist families with children with an Axis I Mental Health Diagnosis whom are at imminent risk of out of home placement.  Families are referred to the Kids Oneida Program through the Office of Mental Health TIER I, Probation, Family Court, and OCDSS.

At the intensive level of Kids Oneida/ ACT, families will be provided with a team based approach to address severe and chronic mental illness.  Comprehensive and unique treatment plans are developed by the family, Kids Oneida providers, and various community partners. These plans are strength based and individualized to meet the needs of the family. Kids Oneida offers several traditional and non-traditional treatment options that may include Behavior Management, Mentoring, Psychiatric Consultations, Intensive Supervision, and Special Therapy.

Kids Oneida is built on the premise of keeping families together and continues to be very successful in doing so.  Once the child meets their treatment goals of the regular intensive program they can be referred to a lesser restrictive program if such needs persist.