Nurturing Parenting Programs


Introduced to New York State in 1988 by Donna LaTour-Elefante and The Family Nurturing Center of CNY, The Nurturing Parenting Programs continue to be operated today by Kids Oneida.  These services provide an evidence-based curricula that were initially designed, field tested and validated as a treatment strategy designed to build nurturing parenting skills and reduce abusive and neglectful child rearing practices.

The Supervised Visitation Program serves both long-separated children and parents who want to reestablish relationships, as well as families just entering the legal system for custody and visitation agreements. The staff’s highest priority is to ensure the best interests and safety of children, while helping to build nurturing families. Local judges and law guardians have come to rely on Kids Oneida to provide high quality, professional, comprehensive services for children and parents who are separated.

Services Offered

Nurturing Parenting Program - Parenting Classes for Individuals (Groups coming Soon!)
The Nurturing Father's Program (coming soon!)
Supervised Visitation 

Locations & Contact

To find out more about Nurturing Parenting Program, please contact our Program Manager.

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Katie Clark, Nurturing Parenting Program Manager