Recognizing that the Kids Oneida model can help youth, families, and communities across the region, our organization recently partnered with leaders in Otsego County. With support from the New York Department of Health’s Balancing Incentives Program, we have been able to tailor our model, services, and supports to meet the specific needs of this county.

Services Offered

Kids Oneida worked closely with Otsego County leaders to identify which of our services could fill existing gaps in support for youth and families. We currently provide four types of support within Otsego County:

Residential Assessment: Using standardized tools, Kids Oneida assessed Otsego County’s current use of residential placement. This process helps to ensure that residential placement is reserved only for those children who are truly unable to live at home or in the community and that it use utilized for the shortest period of time. Our trained coordinators meet individually with youth in placement to determine placement appropriateness and support the county in identifying alternative, community-based services for youth who are assessed as ready to return home.

Intensive Kids Otsego Program: Recognizing a need for strengthened, wraparound services for youth and families needing the most intensive support, Kids Otsego is implementing Kids Oneida’s highest level of services and care, which provides case management and coordinated, individually tailored services to youth and families at home, in school, and in the community.

Service Provision for Individualized Needs (SPIN): Kids Otsego is implementing SPIN, which provides a flexible resource to counties by making our services available on an as needed, fee-for service basis. Through this, Kids Otsego has access to our network of over 125 subcontractors providing specialized services to youth and families.

How to Get Involved

For Service Providers

Kids Oneida is excited to work in partnership with Otsego County to launch Kids Otsego and, if you are a service provider supporting youth and families, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

For Families, Parents, and Children

If you are a parent, young person, or family member in need of support in Otsego County, please contact Megan Ayres-Gregory, Clinical Supervisor at 731-2600.

Location and Contact

Kids Oneida
310 Main Street
Utica, NY 13501

Megan Ayres-Gregory
Clinical Supervisor