Kids Herkimer

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Kids Herkimer (KH) has provided services to Herkimer County since June 2008. To maintain our vision of Keeping Families Together, Kids Herkimer advocates for the needs of children in residential care and at risk for placement by providing quality wraparound services and supports.

logoKids Herkimer operated with five programs in 2013 – Intensive Preventive, Return Home Early, Family Reunification, Detention Diversion, and Service Provisions for Individual Needs. Kids Herkimer served108 children and their families in 2013, engaging each of them with the necessary supports to meet their needs. KH is proud of its 90% success rate against recidivism, a demonstration of our dedication to keeping our families together. With less than 10% of the children entering (or re-entering) out-of-home placement, Kids Herkimer programs showcase the success of the wraparound principles hard at work. Each program supports Herkimer County families in a slightly different way, but all with the same strength-based approach toward success and independence. Of the 11 children that that did need to be placed outside of the home, 4 were successfully maintained at a lower placement level (foster care) due partly to the diligent efforts and advocacy of the KH program and staff.

Kids Herkimer has had quite an impact in Herkimer County since its inception 5 1/2 years ago. During this time, the Return Home Early Program assisted in moving 61 Herkimer County children out of residential placements prior to their court expiration date. This result avoided 10,136 days of residential care and produced a savings county and taxpayer savings of slightly over $2.2 million. In 2013, Kids Herkimer focused its efforts on supporting accountability for children at risk of placement as well as those in residential care.  Court Presentment meetings were implemented with the support of Kids Herkimer as a collaborative effort to ensure that the most at risk children for placement were being provided the most appropriate and effective services prior to referral for court. These efforts, as well as increased collaboration with DSS and Family Court, have helped create a true team approach in Herkimer County in keeping kids out of residential placement and keeping families together.