Parent Support

Your Team

Your team is made up of You, Your Child, Your Family Service Coordinator, Your Providers, and Your Natural Supports. Each person has a role and it is important that each member understand their role. A team may change over the course of services, with members being added or removed to suit the needs of your family’s treatment.

Parent Role

Your role as a care giver is to head the Team with the Family Service Coordinator. Your voice is one of the most important as you know your family’s needs and strengths the best. You will be asked to identify the strengths, values, and needs of your family. You will also assist in the development of your team and identify needed services. You will help develop a Plan of Care to address your family’s needs. You will be asked to work with a team to ensure the success of your child.

Child Role

Your Child will be asked to actively participate in the program and his/her input is valued. Your Child will share strengths and goals to help develop a Plan of Care with the team. Your Child should be ready to attend appointments or met with providers. They will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately at home, in school, and in the community

Family Service Coordinator

Your Family Service Coordinator will work closely with you and your family to identify strengths and needs in order to prevent out of home placement or to reduce time spent in placement. Your Family Service Coordinator will be responsible for making sure that your family receives the appropriate services in a timely manner. Family Service Coordinators will be respectful and seek your input on all decisions involving your child. They will coordinate monthly team meetings, as well as Plan of Care meetings, which are held every three months. Service Coordinators will also communicate with service providers, community resources, and others to advocate for your family and your child’s treatment.

Parent Partners

Parent Partners will provide support and assistance through advocacy and family support. They will help to empower care givers. Their life knowledge and skills help them to enhance the team and will help to empower care gives to be their own advocate. They will provide information, knowledge, advocacy, and support to parents and care givers. Parent Partners will work with families to help them discover their strengths as well as their child’s strengths.


Kids Oneida has developed a network of providers who provide a range of traditional and non-traditional services. Service Providers will support the family and their strengths. They are expected to treat you and your child with respect at all times. They will attend monthly meetings to share their in-put into the Plan of Care. Providers will work with the family to develop the skills that will empower you and your child. The Provider is expected to provide the agreed upon services when planned.

Natural Supports

Natural Supports can be extended family members, neighbors, clergy or church members, teachers, or close friends. These individuals are essential to your family’s continued success because they will continue to be available to you once services have ended.