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Parent Testimonials

I found parent support group to be very helpful and uplifting. It felt nice to know that I wasn’t the only one dealing with the same issues, and that there are others out there going through the same thing.

I found it was a place for me to share things with other people who would not be judgmental.

They listened to what I had to say and even gave me some helpful suggestions.

The different workshops were very helpful, the presenters they brought in to teach us were very willing to answer our questions. The best part was at the end of our groups. We did not have to worry about going home and making lunch because Angie would have lunch already made for us. All we had to do was sit and eat. Angie is a wonderful cook by the way!!!!

~Tammy S.

I have had several children involved in Kids Oneida. When services first began, our lives were in total chaos. With all the help and wonderful support from the great people at Kids Oneida, and the parents at The Parents Support Group, my husband and I have come to a better understanding. We learned so much that we never would have learned without the help of Kids Oneida.

I am totally grateful that Kids Oneida was there for us to help with our family. They have taught me to stand on my own two feet, I have nothing to fear and know how to effectively communicate on behalf of my children.

Kids Oneida has shown me that I am not alone. There are other parents struggling and that when we get together we are stronger.

~Angela N.

We began receiving Kids Oneida Services in November 2008. At the time, our son’s behavior was destructive and abusive to property and people. We were assigned a case manager, behavior manager, mentor, parent support worker and a family therapist.

Through the use of these services, over the past year and a half, our son’s behavior has drastically turned around. He has not been hospitalized for his behavior nor have the police been called to our home. During this time he received a medicine change that was used before and worked, therefore, increasing his ability to cope with everyday struggles. With the services that are being provided, he is given many opportunities to succeed. On off days, his workers are only a phone call away and have been there to assist us when the situation demanded it.

As parents of a behaviorally challenged child, it was important to us to receive services that met our needs as a family as well as our son’s needs. Through the services provided, we are now able to do more activities as a family. The parent aide that meets with us has been very resourceful and always willing to listen.

We have since been moved to Step Down and are working as a family to someday be discharged to minimal services or none at all. We are thankful for the many services that have helped us become a more stable family unit.

~Lynn & Michael S.

I love the Kids Oneida Program. I have two boys with Mental Health issues. When they were in the program it helped me a lot. Also the parenting classes help more than I can say. You learn a lot about how to handle your children in a different way, so you can better understand their problems and know that it is not the child’s fault.

Kids Oneida is the best program. I would always open my door to them to help my boys. I enjoy going to the parent support group meetings. It feels good knowing I can go even though my children are not in the program anymore.

The people that work for Kids Oneida are wonderful people and a pleasure to be around. I’ve learned a lot as I’ve said my boys have problems and it is very hard raising boys with problems!

I enjoy the help and have learned a lot and keep learning more from Kids Oneida. The people and program are a blessing!

~Donna P.

I’d like to thank Kids Oneida from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support your organization has given to me and my children. I greatly appreciate all that has been done and I don’t know where I would be without the help that Kids Oneida has given to me. My children and I are grateful that there are organizations like yours that do such wonderful work in our community.

My Family Service Coordinator has done an excellent job with me and my family. She’s been a caring, involved, caseworker (and so has the team!). I am glad that I got the chance to know Kids Oneida, their services are outstanding.

Kids Oneida has gone above and beyond for my family and I am greatly appreciative for that. Kids Oneida is a great service that I feel lucky to have been apart of it.

~Julia V.