Our Philosophy

Wraparound & You

Wraparound is a planning process that follows a series of steps to help you and your family realize your hopes and dreams. This process will help your family and child choose services and providers, as well as design an individualized treatment plan (called a Plan of Care, or POC). It is a process that benefits from having input from you, important people in your family and child’s life, interested community members and school individuals. By bringing people together from various aspects of your family’s life, your child’s Plan of Care becomes a road map for recovery.

Kids Oneida’s role in the Wraparound process is to empower you and your family to develop goals, make decisions and seek the appropriate supports needed to meet your needs and achieve success.

YOUR role in the Wraparound process is to have a voice! You will be asked to identify the strengths and needs of your child and family as well as any important information about your child’s functioning at home and in school that will support the treatment plan. You will be asked what team members, services and supports will help you in your journey towards achieving your goals.