Our Philosophy

Our Wraparound Philosophy

Kids Oneida was established based on the principles of Wraparound.  This approach to children’s mental health has gained both state wide and national attention as an extremely effective way to keep families together.  It is now generally accepted that the most effective approach to addressing a severely emotionally disturbed child’s needs is through a coordinated community based team of support rather than out of home placement.

A wraparound treatment plan is developed and/or approved by a child and family team, is community-based and unconditional, is culturally competent and includes the delivery of coordinated, highly individualized services in three or more life domain areas of a child and family.

We at Kids Oneida have consistently demonstrated that positive outcomes can be achieved despite significant trauma, mental illness, and psychosocial stressors through this strength and team based approach.

What is Wraparound?
Wraparound is a team-based planning process intended to provide individualized, coordinated, family-driven care to meet the complex needs of children who are involved with various child and family serving systems.

Dr. Lenore Behar of North Carolina coined the term “Wraparound” in the early 1980’s to describe the application of an array of comprehensive community-based services to individual families.

The Wraparound process works with families in customizing a treatment plan utilizing a wide array of community based services through a provider network of both agency and individualized providers.