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Distracting skills = Make things better without making things worse

  • A = Activities (engage in activities or hobbies)
  • C = Contributing (do something for someone else)
  • C = Comparisons (compare this crisis to other crisis in the past)
  • E = Emotions (introduce yourself to a variety of emotions such as watch a funny movie, read a sad story)
  • P = Pushing Away (leave the situation physically and mentally)
  • T = Thoughts (focus on counting, naming, breathing, read, watch tv, puzzles, etc)
  • S = Sensations (take a hot bath, cold shower, hold ice, squeeze a rubber ball, listen to music, etc)

Linhan, M. (1993). Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personalities.

Self-soothing skills = using your five senses

  • Vision: be mindful of the sights around you, look at something soothing (flowers, art, books)
  • Music: soothes the mind (hum, playing an instrument, listen to music)
  • Smell: surround yourself with nice smells (flowers, perfume, kitchen smells, fresh air)
  • Taste: have a good meal or something to drink that is soothing (tea, hot chocolate)
  • Touch: put lotion on, message, hold animals, take a bath, sit in a comfy chair

Linhan, M. (1993). Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personalities