Kids Korner

My Role In The Team

You are THE MOST IMPORTANT member of the Wraparound team and your participation is critical for success! After all, this team was created to help YOU be able to solve your problems and reach your goals. And who knows you BETTER than you?! NOBODY!!

Kids Oneida wants to be your PARTNER, not your BOSS... We want to work with you and your family to help you figure out what you need and how to accomplish your goals. Our services will be there to assist you in your journey, keeping you safe and supported on the way.

In order to make this journey work BEST for you, there are some EXPECTATIONS that will make things go smoother.

Some of Your Expectations:

  • Active participation in services and meetings
  • Respect yourself, your family and your team and you can expect respect back
  • Full Participation In Evaluations
  • Medication Compliance
  • Being On Time and Ready to Participate
  • Voice YOUR Opinions and let your Needs and Wants be HEARD!!