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Staying fit is fun!

Did you know?!  Not only is exercising good for your physical health, making it less likely to develop diseases, but exercising each day has many other benefits. By exercising daily you can build strong muscles and bones. Exercise can increase memory and concentration which can lead to better grades in school. Daily physical activity can make you feel good about yourself by increasing your self esteem. Exercise can decrease stress which can make you feel better all day and sleep better at night!

You can exercise alone or with a group, inside or outside, in cold weather and in warm weather! Here are some fun ideas for you to try:

When it’s just you:

- Walk your dog (or a neighbors/friends dog with permission)
- Dance
- Jump rope
- Do jumping jacks
- Play hop scotch
- Hula hoop

When it’s you and a friend:

- Play tag
- Rollerblade or skateboard
- Go for a bike ride
- Play basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.

In cold weather:

- Build a snow fort
- Go sledding down a big hill
- Make snow angels
- Help shovel your driveway

In warm weather:

- Go swimming or run through the sprinkler
- Pull weeds and pick up trash around your yard
- Have a water balloon or squirt gun fight
- Fly a kite

Get out and PLAY… its good for you!

To learn more visit www.kidshealth.org