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Did You Know?

  1. Today, approximately 5% of male youth and 12% of female youth, age 12 to 19, have experienced a major depressive episode.
  2. As many as 14% of children will experience at least one episode of major depression by their 15th birthday. Girls are significantly more likely to experience depression than boys after the age of 16
  3. Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected, allowing them to get back to their regular activities.
  4. Feeling depressed? Get outside! People who live near green spaces (parks, playgrounds, water, etc.) have lower rates of depression, anxiety and poor physical health than those who do not.
  5. One in 10 youth has serious mental health problems that are severe enough to impair how they function at   home, school, or in the community.
  6. Untreated mental illness may also increase a child’s risk of coming into contact with the juvenile justice system—66% of boys and almost 75% of girls in juvenile detention have at least one mental disorder, according to one study.
  7. Substance abuse is also linked to untreated mental illness—43% of children who use mental health services also have a substance abuse disorder.
  8. Children with mental disorders, particularly depression, are at a higher risk for suicide. An estimated 90% of children who commit suicide have a mental disorder, according to the Surgeon General.
  9. Children are best served by early intervention, which can prevent them from being placed in more costly forms of treatment later on, such as inpatient treatment or residential treatment centers.