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Community Opportunities

Kids Oneida wants to help you be able to better help yourself.  That’s called Empowerment.  KO strives to empower YOU to find the help you need as quickly as possible. 

We have looked high and low in our community to find different agencies, activities, places and services that can provide you with all different kinds of support (as well as FUN!). 

You can find a whole bunch of different things in our Resource Guide – Here are just a FEW examples:

  • Emergency Numbers in case you need help FAST!

  • Places and Times for FUN ACTIVITIES – All Year Round!

  • Agencies that help find jobs and educational opportunities for teens

  • Resources that will help you become independent when you turn 18

  • Counseling services to deal with all sorts of mental health, relationship or addiction problems

We tried to make it SUPER easy to find the resource you’re looking for.  Simply click on a category and then search by alphabetical order for the place or program that meets your needs. 

We hope you find this helpful! Enjoy your journey in empowering yourself to finding ways to improve your life!

Click here to visit the Community Resources Recreational page!