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In the Book Nook you will find books just for kids and young adults. These are recommendations from Kids Oneida staff that other kids have found helpful in tough times.

They may make you laugh, cry or a little bit of both; we hope you enjoy them as much as we have

Happy to be me
~Christine Adams
and Robert J. Buch

Choice is yours: A teenager’s guide to self discovery, values and spiritual growth
~Bonnie Parsley

No Body's Perfect
~Kimberly Kirberger

Odd Girl Speaks Out
~Rachel Simmons

Diary of a Wimpy
Kid Series

~Jeff Kinney

Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
~Jack Canfield

Stick Up For Yourself
~Gershen Kaufman,
Lev Raphael, and
Pamela Espeland

Cliques, Phonies, and
Other Baloney

~Trevor Romain

Bullies Are a Pain in
the Brain

~Trevor Romain

Speak up and Get Along: Learn the mighty might, thought chop, and more tools to make Friends,stop teasing, and feel good about yourself
~Scott Cooper

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me:
The top 25 friendship problems and how
to solve them

~Michele Borba Ed.D

Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves
~Trevor Romain

How to do Homework Without Throwing Up
~Trevor Romain

Proud to Be You
~Pamela Espeland

Knowing and Doing
What’s Right

~Pamela Espeland


The Storm In My Brain- online book for kids about mood disorder

The Kids Book of Questions
~Gregory Stock, PhD.

Habits of Highly Effective Teens
~S. Covey

I Believe in Me:
A book of affirmations

~Connie Bowen