Kids Korner

Kids Korner

The Kids Korner is a section created just for kids! You can find links for great gaming sites or activities and books for kids.

This section also provides information about profile sharing and how to do so safely. In addition you will find great community resources available to kids in Oneida County.

Everyone has days when they feel moody or a little “off” but for some people those feelings stick around for more than just a day. This section can give you tips on what to do if you can’t just shake the no good very bad day and how to manage your response to those terrible days!

Through Kids Korner you may find something you didn’t already know about mental illness or you may be able to put names to certain emotions you or your friends have felt.

If you have questions or wish there was more to offer on this page visit the Ask A Question page to let us know about it!

Youth Council
Strives to empower youth and is youth driven, encourages youths voice and choice, works through everyday struggles, and engages youth in giving back to others, volunteer work, and community projects.

Did You Know?
Today, approximately 5% of male youth and 12% of female youth, age 12 to 19, have experienced a major depressive episode.

My Role In The Team
You are the most important member of the Wraparound team and your participation is critical for success!

Community Opportunities
Kids Oneida wants to help you be able to better help yourself. That’s called Empowerment. KO strives to empower you to find the help you need as quickly as possible.