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March 2017 Wraparound Ambassador Timothy Williams

Utica, NY (Wednesday Mar 1 2017)













Our Wrap around ambassador for March has been with the agency for 12 years as a service coordinator. He has seen a lot of changes in the agency and has grown alongside KO. He is knowledgeable about KO policies, paperwork, managing a budget, and other job specifics. He has used this knowledge to train and guide new service coordinators. Due to his skills as a service coordinator, he often gets difficult and protective cases. These cases can be incredibly challenging, but he takes them in stride and rarely complains. He works to empower families to voice what they need and to work toward their goals. He is able to form good relationships with his families, often times using his own unique sense of humor. He has also developed good working relationship with community partners and he uses these contacts to advocate for his families. Our wrap around ambassador for March is Tim Williams.

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