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January Wraparound Ambassador

Utica, NY (Tuesday Jan 3 2017)

Lynn Stevens has worked at Kids Oneida for 4 years. She leads our Parent Partners Program and assists part time in our Evelyn’s House Program. In both roles, Lynn is a valued member of the team as she provides support and advocacy to our parents and families. Lynn works from a strength based approach and embodies the Wrap Around philosophy. Lynn works diligently to ensure that individual and family voices are at the forefront of all service delivery. She also works collaboratively with the team and community service provider to ensure that client and family needs are met. Lynn has the unique ability to navigate through very difficult situations with an honesty and persistence that is admirable. We at Kids Oneida are proud to call Lynn a member of our team and realize how fortunate the families who work with her are to have her in their corner.

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