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What is Kids Oneida?


Kids Oneida began in 1998 as a special project jointly established by the NYS Office of Mental Health, NYS Department of Health and Oneida County. The first three years of the program were considered the demonstration phase of the project (1998-2001).

The purpose of Kids Oneida is to divert children with serious emotional disturbances (SED) in Oneida County from out-of-home institutional placements and/or shorten the time that children remain in such placements through the use of intensive, flexible community services.

The model used for Kids Oneida replicates the one developed for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Mental Health Services Program for Youth (MHSPY) initiative. The MHSPY model has been used successfully in numerous sites across the United States.  Kids Oneida utilizes this wraparound model of treatment to empower families to drive their own treatment plans, services and goals. 


  • Residents of Oneida County between the ages of 6 years and 18th birthday who are;

  • Deemed at imminent risk of placement or institution by the Oneida County Committee on Appropriate Placement or the Oneida County Department of Social Services Placement Committee and who have;

  • Has been diagnosed with a DSM-IV mental health diagnosis.


  • Voluntary enrollment and parent/guardian agreement to access all covered mental health services through Kids Oneida.

  • Individualized plans of care developed in partnership with the child and parent(s) and the Kids Oneida individual service coordinator.

  • Access to a broad array of community-based mental health services for all Kids Oneida enrollees with an emphasis on community-based services in the least restrictive and most normative environment.

  • Customized services with use of flexible funds to address the child and family's individual needs and strengths, rather than fitting the child into existing categorical services.

  • An open network of Kids Oneida providers.

  • Authorization of all covered services through Kids Oneida, the not-for-profit care management entity employing care coordinators, called Family Service Coordinators (FSC).

  • Kids Oneida is licensed as a KO/ACT Waiver Demonstration Project by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

  • Kids Oneida is funded through a combination of Oneida County Department of Social Services (OCDSS) and Medicaid funding streams. Most of the funding comes from OCDSS local prevention funds. For enrolled children who are eligible to receive Medicaid, Kids Oneida receives and additional monthly case rate from Medicaid mental health monies.

  • Medicaid payment is based on a monthly bundled case payment fee. Payment is based on Medicaid recipients receiving a minimum service standard of 6 face-to-face contacts each month. Each enrollee on Medicaid must have an individual plan of care which is authorized by a physician and which documents the need for appropriate services.

  • Kids Oneida (KO) in conjunction with Oneida County Department of Mental Health, Oneida County Department of Social Services and the NYS Office of Mental Health developed a quality improvement program. All stakeholders were committed to carefully evaluating the program and sharing lessons learned.

What services does Kids Oneida offer?

Kids Oneida offers an array of traditional and nontraditional mental health services provided to families in their own home, school and community as well as some clinic settings. 

Some of our key services are as follows:

  • Service Coordination

  • Behavior Management Services

  • Crisis Intervention and Assistance

  • Evaluation Services and Psychiatric Assessments

  • Family, Group and Individual Therapy

  • Psychiatric Reviews/Medication Check

  • Individual and Group AODA Therapy

  • Mentoring

  • Parent Aide

  • Recreation

  • Group Recreation

  • Rise and Shine Service

  • Tutoring

  • Day and Hourly Respite Services

  • Supported Work Environments

  • Discretionary Funds

  • Life Coach/ Supported Independent Living

  • Transportation/Interpreting

Can anyone enroll a child in the Kids Oneida Program?

Kids Oneida does not accept “walk in” referrals, but if a child is deemed appropriate and meets the criteria needed to be enrolled, a call should be made to Office of Mental Health (Tier 1), Department of Social Services or Probation to begin discussion on appropriateness of services.  Anyone with a child who has an AXIS 1 Mental Health Diagnosis can call TIER 1, the Department of Social Services or Probation to inquire about availability of Kids Oneida services, or other services that may more appropriately meet the family’s needs.

Who makes the referrals to the Kids Oneida Program?

Referrals are made from Probation, Tier1 (Mental Health Service Program), Family Court, or DSS. 

How is Kids Oneida funded?

Kids Oneida has a blended funding model with streams coming from Oneida County Department of Social Services (OCDSS) and Medicaid.

Are Kids Oneida services available in other Counties besides Oneida County?

In June, 2008, Kids Oneida, Inc. launched the Kids Herkimer program in Herkimer County, providing Service Coordination and services to up to 10 cases at a time, as well as outpatient diagnostics and Service Provision for Individual Needs (fee for service).  The Kids Herkimer Contract focuses on children returning home early from residential placement in an effort to decrease the time children spend in residential care and expedite a return home to their community and family with the appropriate supports and services. Referrals come from Herkimer County DSS, probation and PINS department.